Film is a visual language that I use to convey my message to the world. Instead of using words, I juxtapose images and sound together to emphasize my point. It is a tool that translates my imagination, reflects what I think and what I believe. I want to send out a message and address political, philosophical and cultural issues in an innovative and experimental way. Video has the ability to reach audiences across the world and create an impact unlike any other art form.

It doesn't just stimulate emotions but influences belief. In the short time a video is playing, the audience is totally captivated by your work; you have control over what they are viewing and how they respond. To have the power to reach audiences so freely and influence what they believe is why I want to study this subject. Living in Singapore opened me up to a cultural diversity, which is shown dramatically throughout my work. I have integrated the various traditions, societies, and way of life found in living overseas to create a cultural point of view, focusing on the array of people and beliefs and tried to incorporate this into my work.

After finishing my Foundation Degree, I was accepted onto the Fashion course at Central Saint Martins, however I reached a crossroad in my life where I had to reassess everything I was doing. I was not satisfied with who I was and spent 4 months travelling across Mexico, the United States and Canada thinking about my future and the kind person I want to become. Being creative is part of who I am, however I want to have a greater impact on society and leave something that explore issues and reflect what I understand life to be. To me, the most powerful way I can accomplish this is through film. I want to surround myself with others who share my enthusiasm to accomplish something that fills me with passion and purpose. I feel I have a creative imagination and enthusiasm that, with your help, can be molded so I can become successful within the industry.
Now I have immersed myself in film and video art. I now watch films with a new maturity and understanding that I did not have before. I have learnt how to use Final Cut Pro to advanced level so I am able to use my own footage and edit videos. Doing an editing course made me realize that editing is what makes a film complete. My work focuses on this, because as an editor you have the power to direct the movie. Films such as Raging Bull, Sans Soleil and Godard’s ‘Made in the U.S.A’ have made me concentrate on how a film is constructed and the playfulness one can have in the editing room. I am able to work in both Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut X and along side this, can use Adobe Photoshop to an advanced level, manipulating images and designing layouts which I also incorporate into the videos I make. In the fall of 2011, I participated in a 3 month internship as a post production editor for xxxx Magazine, a digital multimedia fashion & art publication, working on coverage for international Fashion Weeks and contemporary art events and editing video content for Magazine and the blog.

Outside of Art, I was involved in Swim competitions for over 10 years and my love for the water led me to new activities such as scuba diving. These experiences have allowed me opportunities to travel and complete courses such as Underwater Photography and Rescue Diver allowing me to take responsibility for others and further experiment with the medium Underwater. While my life is busy I enjoy contributing to varied projects and travelling to Cambodia, I was able to give back by building houses and improving facilities at an orphanage in Phnom Penh. Such experiences have opened my eyes to how fortunate I am and try to help those who are less privileged through charitable work.